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The Gods Of Wheat Street Season 1

6 Episodes Drama, Indigenous

A moving six-part series about an Aboriginal family of local legends who learn how to let go of the past and tackle the future with magic and humour.

Head of the family before his time, Odin Freeburn (Kelton Pell) is being pulled in all directions. One brother is in jail, another brother is in love with the daughter of a family enemy and his wife has run away, leaving him to raise two daughters. His sister-in-law is in love with him, his car repair shop is about to go under, and his mother is giving him advice, despite the fact that she died in 1990. Can he find a way to honour his promise to her that he will keep the family together?

Please note: Uncle Jack Charles’ family have given their permission to use his name and image.


Kelton Pell (Odin Freeburn) , Ursula Yovich (>den Freeburn) , Lisa Flanagan (Libby Lavelle) , Bruce Carter (Ares Freeburn) , Shari Sebbens (Isolde Freeburn) , Mark Coles Smith (Tristan Freeburn) , Rarriwuy Hick (Electra Freeburn) , Miah Madden (Athena Freeburn)


Wayne Blair


Adrian Wills


Jon Bell


Jon Bell


Lois Randall

Executive Producer

Fiona Eagger

Executive Producer

Deb Cox

Director of Photography

Brendan Lavelle

Director of Photography

Eric Murray Lui


Episode 1: The Obligation


Odin Freeburn (Kelton Pell) is being pulled in all directions and the mechanics workshop that keeps his family housed and fed is up for sale. With the prospect of no job or home, the Freeburns want to know what he plans to do.

Episode 2: The Fighting Freeburns


Odin (Kelton Pell) thought his only battle was organising the paperwork for the bank, but he’s not the only one interested in Colpepper & Sons. Meanwhile, Jonesy Brown (Frederick Copperwaite) returns to Casino to cause trouble.

Episode 3: The Games People Play


Odin (Kelton Pell) hasn’t found a guarantor for the loan and Jonesy Brown (Frederick Copperwaite) has had him locked up for assault. With the court date set for the same day as the auction, will Odin be set free and make it to the auction?

Episode 4: Nobody Lives Forever


Libby (Lisa Flanagan), sick of not being appreciated, decides to let the Freeburns fend for themselves. Jonesy (Frederick Copperwaite) breaks into the Freeburns’ house in search of his stolen money. Tristan (Mark Coles Smith) tries to win back Anastasia (Millie Samuels).

Episode 5: The Mighty Are Fallen


With Odin (Kelton Pell) fighting for his life in hospital, and the Freeburn home and workshop in danger of repossession, Libby (Lisa Flanagan) decides it’s up to her to take care of the business.

Episode 6: She Who Supplanted Her Sister


Everyone is relieved to have Odin (Kelton Pell) home, but the business is in deep trouble despite all their efforts. When Odin’s wife (Ursula Yovich) arrives out of nowhere, all of Libby’s (Lisa Flanagan) insecurities return.

Bonus Content

Introduction The Gods Of Wheat Street


Curator of the Buwindja Collection, Gillian Moody shares what inspired her to select The Gods Of Wheat Street. She invites you to engage, explore, reflect on and Buwindja (remember) these exceptional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and stories.

In Conversation


Gillian Moody, Curator of Buwindja, sits down with Pauline Clague, filmmaker and Associate Professor, Jumbunna, UTS, as they take a deep dive into the rich history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander storytelling in screen culture. They reflect on how the films in the Buwindja Collection showcase eras of change in filmmaking with fascinating insights into the dramatic shift from stories being told about First Nations peoples to Indigenous filmmakers telling their own stories. As Pauline powerfully states, it is now the case that ’Nothing about us without us’”.

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