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8MMM Season 1

6 Episodes Comedy, Indigenous

A satirical comedy about an Indigenous crew from a remote radio station airing the day-to-day shenanigans of Alice Springs and its surrounding areas.

8MMM Aboriginal Radio in Alice Springs runs on the smell of an oily rag, the enthusiasm of its motley Indigenous crew and the misguided intentions of the whitefellas in charge. For the 3Ms of Alice Springs – the missionaries, mercenaries and misfits – saving Aboriginal people from themselves is hard work. Especially Aboriginal people who expect to be heard on the radio and in the office. 8MMM ABORIGINAL RADIO steps bravely into the vortex of Aboriginal Australia, where truth and comedy collide.


Shari Sebbens (Jesse) , Ian Meadows (Jake) , Zac James (Jampajinpa) , Laura Hughes (Koala) , Elaine Cromby (Millie) , Geoff Morrell (Dave Cross) , Trisha Morton-Thomas (Lola)


Dena Curtis


Sonja Dare


Rachel Clements


Anna Cadden


Episode 1


Broadcasting from remote Alice Springs, 8MMM Aboriginal Radio draws a specific type of whitefella: missionaries, misfits and mercenaries. Dave (Geoff Morrell) arrives at the station and an indoor smoking ceremony causes trouble.

Episode 2


When he receives an invitation to a traditional ceremony, Jake (Ian Meadows) gets very excited. Jampajinpa (Zac James) wants to prove his manhood but doesn’t choose the best way to go about it.

Episode 3


The Tourism Expo arrives in town, bringing mountains of cash for 8MMM. Jampajinpa (Zac James) puts an end to the good times, forcing Jake (Ian Meadows) to choose between the mob and the money.

Episode 4


Times are tough, and just like Lola’s (Trisha Morton-Thomas) water tank, the 8MMM bank account is empty. The team are left with just one option if they are going to be able to stay afloat.

Episode 5


Jampajinpa (Zac James) goes missing following work drinks and Dave’s (Geoff Morrell) car is left with no tyres. The police visit and the Founders’ Day celebrations are put in jeopardy by Jake (Ian Meadows) and Lola’s (Trisha Morton-Thomas) anti-grog campaign.

Episode 6


Jake (Ian Meadows) takes on a solo crusade for reconciliation following a racist incident in town, while Jessie (Shari Sebbens) is out for revenge. Things become more awkward as Jessie starts having sexy dreams about Jake.

Bonus Content

Introduction 8MMM


Curator of the Buwindja Collection, Gillian Moody shares what inspired her to select 8MMM. She invites you to engage, explore, reflect on and Buwindja (remember) these exceptional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and stories.

In Conversation


Gillian Moody, Curator of Buwindja, sits down with Pauline Clague, filmmaker and Associate Professor, Jumbunna, UTS, as they take a deep dive into the rich history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander storytelling in screen culture. They reflect on how the films in the Buwindja Collection showcase eras of change in filmmaking with fascinating insights into the dramatic shift from stories being told about First Nations peoples to Indigenous filmmakers telling their own stories. As Pauline powerfully states, it is now the case that ’Nothing about us without us’”. 

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